Why Consider Counselling?

Deciding to seek the professional help of a counsellor is a big step towards making changes that will have a lasting effect on your life. But it is also courageous. It is not a sign of weakness and it doesn't mean that you must be really desperate. Rather it is a sign of strength that you are willing to seek professional support. It is the start of you taking control of your life and working towards resolving your current difficulties.


Perhaps you are wondering what counselling can do for you?

My counselling practice will provide a professional, confidential, safe, and nurturing environment, where together we can explore your concerns.

As a humanistic integrative counsellor, I'm interested in helping you to find ways of coping and handling whatever problems you are currently faced with.

I believe all people deserve respect and understanding and are capable of change. As a counsellor, I will listen carefully in a non-judgemental way to what concerns you, as well as encourage you to identify and develop your own coping skills.

Our work together will focus on your needs and the change or issues you are seeking help with.


Questions Without Answers

Are you finding life a struggle, perhaps because of a relationship or health problem, or maybe issues from your past?

Are there changes you want to make in your life, but you're not sure where to start?

If your answer is YES, counselling may help you find the answers.